About Me and Path to Staff

Path to Staff started in August 2021 as a way for me to share the learnings and progress of my journey to the title of Senior software engineer and eventually Staff software engineer and beyond. Originally I had hoped to achieve these titles at the company I was working at at that time, but the assumptions I made for that goal were flawed, and I left that company for a few personal reasons. I'm now at a different company, and I may very well be at different companies when I finally achieve the title this entire project is named after. That's okay, though - ambitious goals should be malleable to circumstances!

My first paid development work was working for bioinformatics research labs in university from 2011 until I graduated in 2013. After graduating, I worked in a couple different companies in my home city. In 2018, I moved to Japan where I've been working in domestic and international companies of all sizes, and where I expect to be for the foreseeable future.